About Us

Rabot Dumpling House is a concept that presents food as a huge part of Himalayan culture. Handmade Nepalese momo dumplings are one of  the many food regarded as a traditional delicacy. We hope that these skilfully wrapped dumplings  inspires consumers to be satisfied with every bite into the flavourful fresh lump we serve.



We want to share the experience of delicious handmade dumplings adopted by different cultures in South Asia to Gent. A simple pleasure that originated from northern China beyond anyone's imagination and later on spread by caravan route by Newar merchants and Tibetan diaspora to Nepal.



Momo Dumplings are a kind of food that has been adopted by different Asian cultures like burgers. They are juicy and served piping hot with spicy or sweet/spicy sauce which is a must. You can eat dumplings any day of the week and any time of the day. We want to share a simple pleasure of authentic dumplings so that more people know and are touched by this amazing dumplings.

A flour wrapper filled with low fat/lean meat  and seasonal vegetables, flavoured  with delicious array of spices so that the taste buds will rejoice with every bite. Fresh ingredients are wrapped by the warmth of skillful hands that transfoms into various momo dumpling shapes. These dumplings can be steamed, boiled or pan-fried and eaten with dumpling sauce and soup.

The colourful dumplings are made with natural healthy colours extracted from fresh vegetables. They are purely healthy food.

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